Luminance pencils on Fabriano-Artistico Extra White Hot Press 300gsm Watercolour paper, blended with gamsol. Reference from Pixabay.

My Approach

Despite being relatively new to producing Fine Art, my approach is professional. My work is archival, using supplies that are designed to last.

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My Story

Ever since I was in my teens I have sketched as a way to deal with stress. Woven throughout my life have been times when I needed to escape reality and I did so by drawing. My early work was in graphite, but back then I called it lead pencil, done on any paper I had at hand. I kept coming back to my art, each time improving through practice but always in grey-scale.

I also expressed my creative side through Faberge style Ostrich Eggs and ostrich feather dusters ( I had to get something out of the ostriches my husband and I had bought!). After the ostriches were gone we got a couple of angora goats and I began processing and knitting mohair fleece.

After having my nails done on a cruise I took, I became interested in Nail Art and attained my cert II in nail technology doing many face to face courses with some of the best in that industry. I won the novice division of The Australian Nail Awards in fantasy runway nails and set up a home salon until 2016 when an old whiplash injury turned into nerve root compression and I could no longer sit for hours doing nails.

Just over a year ago I again had  health issues that left me with a racing mind so I started drawing, again, but this time I discovered watercolour pencils and proper watercolour paper. I was encouraged by those that saw my work and decided to get serious about art. I started watching tutorials from a wonderful artist I discovered on You Tube. For me this was a major turning point, expanding my knowledge and leading me to coloured pencil art and social media.

Today I still work as a registered nurse Leading in a nurse led clinic, this allows me to buy the best supplies but leaves less time for my art, it is a balancing act. I have finished one commission and have some work I intend to get prints made from to sell.

I enjoy making people happy with my art.


Meet the Artist

G'Day, I am Jeni the artist here at Addictive Impressions. I live on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia (in my opinion the best place in the world to live) and work at a small hospital as a registered nurse. I have an enduring love of colour and beautiful things and love to make people smile.

Jeni Locke



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